Customized solutions

Thanks to the skills and experience of the technical department, Metalarredo is able to design customized solutions and complex geometries starting from the specific needs of its customers. Metalarredo uses the latest technologies to design and prototype allowing to pass quickly from the concept phase of a new product to its production, through CAD and 3D printing technologies, saving money and time. Starting from the preliminary design or requirements provided by the customer, Metalarredo defines the working drawings and the cycles of production and finishing.


METALARREDO uses the latest techniques and tools for all the operations of cutting, bending, slotting, swaging, welding, drilling the tubes. This to ensure an high quality of the workmanship, low-cost of the finished product and quick deliveries, in respect of environmental regulations and safety of workers. In the cutting department and production department there are 15 skilled workers with more than ten years’ experience and constantly updated on the technological developments that ensure the aesthetic quality and strength of our products.


All our products are packed in order to ensure the minimum space during the transport and, therefore, reduce the shipping costs. Moreover, we use all the precautions and protections to prevent damages during the operations of loading/unloading. In the packaging and shipping department there are 10 skilled workers who provide efficiency and speed of delivery.

Turn-key products

Metalarredo is able to ensure the realization of a finished product in close cooperation with qualified suppliers that provide special/customized finishings. In addition to chrome and nickel plating of metals (iron and steel), which represent the most common finishings, we are also able to provide gold and brass plated products, as well as painted in different colors.